Gas Fireplaces:
Q. I realize gas fireplaces have been available for a number of years so what’s the recent product design trends?
A. New product design is trending rapidly into Linear shaped fireplaces. With the variety of sizes, this sleek fireplace design can add warmth to any room. Visit our showroom to view many unique Linear fireplaces on display.

Q. With all the improvements & changes with technology are gas fireplaces capable of operating from my smart phone or tablet?
A. Yes, Napoleon has introduced eFire technology that allows your smart device to operate the fireplace.  Come visit our showroom and learn more about eFire.

Q. I’ve noticed a lot of photos showing Linear shaped fireplaces with large TV’s above, is this safe with heat coming from the fireplace?
A. When planning for a TV installation above a linear fireplace certain brands offer cool wall or dynamic heat control kits to safely allow this application.  Visit our showroom for additional details.

Q. Why do most gas fireplaces have a screen barrier over the glass?
A. In 2015 the Consumer Safety Commission developed a safety standard for indoor gas fireplaces requiring a safety screen barrier covering the glass.

Q. Is it possible to get a gas fireplace without a screen barrier & still meet safety standards?
A. Yes, some products have been engineered to keep glass temperatures below the standard. Visit our showroom for more information on the Premium Glass Guard system.

Q. Is it possible to have a see thru gas fireplace application where one side faces inside the home & the other side is outdoors?
A. Yes, enjoy the impressiveness of an indoor/outdoor gas fireplace – one fireplace in two different applications.

Q. Can gas fireplaces be custom built to fit a certain shape & size?
A. Bring your ideas into our showroom and Montigo can custom build your gas fireplace design.

Wood FIreplaces:
Q. I’ve had my wood burning fireplace for a number of years and no longer want to burn wood, what are my options to convert over to gas or electric?
A. Gas logs, gas insets, electric logs and electric inserts are great choices to enhance your wood fireplace. Visit our showroom for viewing all of these product options.

Q. Are all wood burning fireplaces for appearance only or are there energy efficient wood fireplaces?
A. Energy efficient wood burning fireplaces are available. Some can heat over 2,000 sq. feet. Visit our showroom to view the BIS Fireplace line.

Q. Do you offer replacement parts for older wood burning fireplaces?
A. Yes, depending on the make & model we offer replacement parts.

Q. My wood fireplace does not produce much heat, what can be done to increase the heat output?
A. In order to increase the efficiency an insert can be installed into the fireplace. Visit our showroom to view our efficient wood & gas inserts.

Gas Inserts - coming soon!

Wood Inserts - coming soon!